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True Commitment to Patients

We are commited to help our patients and their families improve their quality of life through better therapies and comprehensive support services.

True Focus on Impact

Our therapies make real impact on people who need them. We deliver innovative solutions that address serious unmet medical needs .

True Passion for Excellence

Our take pride in what we do and how we do it. Excellence in execution means we do not compromise our standards, our ethics, or our performance

TrueMed is a specialty and rare disease therapeutics company in Israel.

We are committed to helping people with serious medical conditions and their families, through innovative therapies and holistic support approach.

TrueMed currently markets several specialty and niche therapies, with a team of highly experienced professionals that have launched and grown many of today’s leading specialty therapies in Israel.

Who we are & What we do

TrueMed is the local partner for global innovators in key specialties. We provide our partners with a complete and integrated local solution for successful commercialization of each therapy.

TrueMed has complete value chain capabilities in-house, allowing us to maximize our impact while containing costs. We focus on, and deliver a complete customer experience from port to patient, so our customers and patients enjoy innovative therapies and quality support.

TrueMed is a privately held company, operating as part of the Trupharm Group, established in 1983. The group manufactures and distributes pharmaceuticals and medical technology solutions in Israel.

News & Updates

  • The Power of Care Partners: Sweet drug clears cholesterol, reverses heart disease—and was found by parents

    The Power of Care Partners: Sweet drug clears cholesterol, reverses heart disease—and was found by parents

    The role of care partners and families in patients’ health outcomes is more important than ever. The online availability of scientific information and patient-reported testimonials, as well as patient communities can sometime provide a new or unorthodox lead that could impact the course of one patient, or that of millions. …Read More »
  • Rare Disease Day

    Rare Disease Day

    February 28, 2015 is the fifth annual World Rare Disease Day. The TrueMed team is part to take part in community outreach efforts, and participate in a major awareness event on March 2 at the Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information: Please visit the official …Read More »